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PMCA's Lending Library and Conference Proceedings Catalog

PMCA currently houses a wide array of confectionery-related research materials at its offices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 




Lending Library - The PMCA library consists of a variety of hard-copy books, reports and CD-ROMís on various subjects relating to the confectionery industry. Many of the books have been graciously donated by the authors themselves and member companies who have been long-time supporters of PMCA. The collection includes various research studies prepared by university students who have been past PMCA grant-in-aid recipients. Various miscellaneous items include articles, abstracts, newsletters and course materials produced by PMCA, universities and other industry research organizations.
  • Lending Library Access I: Any individual from a PMCA member company can borrow an item from the PMCA lending library. A list of available items will be posted to our website in early 2014. Many of the items contained in the lending library will be searchable on-line by closest subject and title, with author and year published information available by clicking on the item catalog code. When you add an item to your shopping basket you will be asked for your credit card information to cover the standard $5.00 shipping charge. Within one week your selections will be mailed along with a return date by which you will be asked to send the item(s) back to the PMCA office. Please contact the PMCA office if you require alternative arrangements for payment of the shipping charges, need expedited shipping, or if you will need to lend the item(s) for a longer period of time.

    Lending Library Access II: Any individual from a PMCA member company can visit the PMCA office and review items in the lending library. Access to the library is available by appointment during normal PMCA office hours. A small workspace and computer access can be provided for those members who wish to conduct some brief library research at the office. Contact the PMCA office to make an appointment or for more information.

    Technical Papers Catalog (Conference Proceedings)

    The technical papers catalog provides access to our database of all technical papers presented during each PMCA annual conference beginning with the first held in 1947. This is a unique collection of over 1,000 papers on various topics related to pertinent confectionery industry topics. Each of the papers listed was subject to an in-depth review by the PMCA technical program committee prior to being finalized and published. The database can be searched on-line by year or by keyword. A hard- copy book of the complete proceedings from any specific year, or a CD-ROM containing a compilation of several years can be purchased on-line, or by contacting the PMCA office.

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