Food Safety & Regulatory Panel
Food Safety & Regulatory Panel

(PMCA — December 4, 2019) — Among a crowded room of more than 90 participants, 18 speakers shared their insights on one of the most-talked-about topics facing our industry – the use of cannabis in confectionery and snack products.

This PMCA research symposium covered topics ranging from pharmacology, dispersion and dose control, product development, manufacturing, lab testing and supply chains to marketing, social responsibility, food safety, current regulations and legislation. The event was held Nov. 5-6, 2019 in Sacramento, CA.

Attendees were eager to embrace a vast amount of information and the Q&A panel format provided a great platform for engaging questions and lively discussion. Over the two days, networks and friendships were formed, with everyone eager to exchange ideas on how to navigate this rapidly-changing environment.

Proceedings from the event will be available for purchase from the PMCA office in the weeks ahead. Closing speaker Francis Boero of Gavenum LLP left everyone with an important thought to ponder: “This is a significant paradigm shift and we are part of a historical cultural change. We can be aloof or we can collaborate to forge a responsible path forward.

Quotes from participants:

“Being with you all this week to share information, ideas and needs was amazing. By far the best program I have participated in, thank you everyone at PMCA! You have set a new standard for science, professionalism and responsibility for cannabis-infused products.  I look forward to continuing to work together – THANK YOU!”

“I found every speaker enlightening, informative and educated on their specialty.”

“Overall, I look forward to another cannabis conference. As the market matures and significant advancements in research and testing, I know this will be relevant to food scientists within the industry. I commend PMCA for taking a significant stance.”

“Great and well-rounded collection of speakers and topics!”

Symposium Sponsors

Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Tomric Systems, Inc.
Crosio and Associates

Symposium Topics & Speakers

Moderator & Overview
Adrian Timms, ATimms Consulting, LLC

US & Canadian Legislative Pathways
Javier A. Bastidas, Leland, Parachini, Steinberg, Matzger & Melnick LLP

Cannabis Edibles Pharmacology
Lawrence Blume, Ph.D., RTI International

Social Responsibility & Cannabis Infused Foods & Industry Next Steps
Francis J. Boero Ph.D., Gavenum LLP

Product Manufacturing – Chocolate Cannabis Infusion
Joel Fink, Fantasy Candies Chocolate Factory

US and Canadian Legislative Pathways
Chad Finkelstein, Dale & Lessmann, LLP

Basics of Candy Formulating
Michelle Frame, Victus Ars Inc.

Food Safety
Laurie Gerbers, Blommer Chocolate Company

Who is Buying Cannabis in Candies, Chocolates & Snacks?
Linda Gilbert, EcoFocus Worldwide

Flavors & Terpenes
Joan Harvey, Bell Flavors & Fragrances

Debra Miller, National Confectioners Association

Product Manufacturing – Gummies & Kindred Products
Carolina Mitchell, Ciencia Labs

Starch-Free Depositing & Dosage Accuracy
Tony Prange, Baker Perkins

Cannabinoids as Ingredients for Confection: Challenges & Solutions
Scott Riefler, SoRSE Technology

Dosing & Dispensing Technology
Professor Dérick Rousseau, Ryerson University

Navigating the Supply Chain – Perspective of Growers, Extractors & Active Suppliers
Quinn Shiskin, Valens Agritech

Cannabis in Foods – The Consumer View
Brian Sterling, SCS Consulting

Sophisticated Confectionery Production for the Cannabis Consumer
Fabian Toader, Swift’s Brands

Analytical Testing – Certification & Testing Lab Perspective
Seth Wong, TEQ Labs

PMCA Research Symposium Committee

Jenna Derhammer, Blommer Chocolate Company (event Chair)
Nigel Sanders, Smart Confectionery Solutions, Inc.
Eric Schmoyer, Barry Callebaut (Research Committee Chair)
Adrian Timms, ATimms Consulting, LLC
Ed Wilson, retired, AAK USA

Disclaimer: PMCA does not endorse or promote the use of cannabis in confections or snacks. PMCA does, however, continue to be focused on technical and production issues related to the addition of all unique ingredients and processes relating to confection and snack products. 

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