Panned Confections 2016

(PMCA — November 16, 2016 — Bethlehem, PA) — Thirty-two students representing a variety of companies participated in the PMCA Panned Confections Short Course held November 1-4, 2016 at Richardson Brands, Canajoharie, NY.

Seven experienced and highly-skilled instructors provided a mix of classroom and practical training related to panning basics, soft, hard and chocolate panning, panning room design and layout and finishing and polishing. Each student received a course book as well as electronic copies of presentations and handouts and took home a variety of sample product they made with their fellow students.

Student Commentary:

“Good overview and depth of each topic! Charismatic and enthusiastic teaching style, very knowledgeable teachers!”

“It’s very helpful to have some of the best panners in the business out there helping us.”

“The instructors were always available and ready to help with any step and cleared up any confusion. Very well-versed on topics.”


Moses Bayon, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Faith Bollard, Esther Price Candies Corp.

Evan Bollers, Signature Brands LLC

Tracy Brenner Pogan, Dare Foods Limited

Lynn Bretz, Reimer’s Candies

Gary Hill, Richardson Brands

Sean Burns, Sollich NA

Marco Casinghini, Lindt & Sprüngli

Erin Crane, DeMet’s Candy Company

Douglas Dressman, Esther Price Candies Corp.

Alisha Duesler, Richardson Brands

Dan Forgey, Norman Love Confections

Carmen Fung, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Nancy Hunt-Harvey, DeMet’s Candy Company

Morgan Kahilainen, Kenny’s Candy & Confections

Tara Levin, David Michael & Co.

Ron Ligeras, Star Kay White

Sarah Mann, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Salvatore Martone, MGM Grand Las Vegas

Joe Mize, BENEO, Inc.

Natalie Myers, Colorcon

Raynald Nolin, Food Science Tech, Inc.

Henry Nurianto, Dare Foods Limited

Heather Primeau, Richardson Brands

Daniel Punzal, Blommer Chocolate Company

Simon Rodriguez, Star Kay White

Esther Sanchez, Centerchem

Nate Schmitz, Kenny’s Candy & Confections

Kim Swisher, Blommer Chocolate Company

Donnie Tineo, Star Kay White

Lea Wetzel, Lindt & Sprüngli

Bernadetta Zyskowski, Silesia Flavors

PMCA was grateful to the individuals and companies that graciously donated instructors, ingredients, products or other items to the success of the course as follows:


Michelle Frame – Course Lead, Victus Ars

Scott Bergeron, Mantrose-Haeuser

Pam Gesford, The Hershey Company

Michael Gordon, Capol LLC

Anthony Habib, Habib Global Consulting

Peter Jamieson, Atlas Point Technical Services

Walter Vink, Vink Associates, Inc.


Barry Callebaut


Domino Sugar

Ferrara Candy Company

Ford Gum

Georgia Nut

The Hershey Company



Richardson Brands

Weaver Nut Company

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