PMCA Research Chair Eric Schmoyer, Barry Callebaut USA goes LIVE on location of the 2022 PMCA Production Conference to chat with PMCA Student Outreach Program Chair Carly Meck, Blommer Chocolate Company.

The two discuss the ways in which both committees work with students in food science universities and how the two can work together to continue to bring in the next generation of food scientists.

Carly Meck graduated from Delaware Valley University with a bachelor’s degree in food science and earned an MBA in food and agribusiness there as well. She began working at Blommer Chocolate Company in East Greenville, PA in 2010 as a summer intern in R&D. She was hired as an R&D technologist and has now grown to the role of senior R&D scientist – product development. In this role, she develops new chocolate formulas, creates process improvements, provides internal and external training and executes various technical studies.

Carly has been volunteering with PMCA since 2012, when she began as a student mentor after attending the conference under the Student Outreach Program. She has served on several committees including Student Outreach Program, Social Media Sub-Committee and Production Conference – Connect the Future. In 2017, she began the role of Committee Chair of the Student Outreach Program and in 2018 she was invited to sit on the board of directors. In addition, she presented on Mysteries of Conching Revealed at the 2018 production conference, which was chosen to receive the Marie Kelso Award.

PMCA Research Chat
PMCA Research Chat
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