In our second series we sit down with past PMCA Grant in Aid and Fellowship recipients to discuss their work, where they are today, and how, upon reflection, the PMCA experience has affected them from the time of there research to there current situations.

In this episode we sit down “virtually” with Rebecca Kuehn, Food Scientist at Guittard Chocolate. Rebecca was the 2010-2012 recipient of the PMCA Grant in Aid Program. Her research was on “Whole Almonds in Milk Chocolate Bars: Lipid Migration and Bloom”.

Rebecca Kuehn is a professional Food Scientist holding a Master’s Degree in Food Science & Technology from University of California, Davis, completed in 2012. Her emphasis has been on cocoa and chocolate products all through her education and work experience. She earned the respect of the industry and was awarded the PMCA Research grant to fund her two-year study of chocolate bloom and oil migration, making key discoveries in her graduate work to advance the general knowledge of the industry. Read More

PMCA Research Chat
PMCA Research Chat
Episode 7: Chatting with 2010-2012 Grant in Aid Recipient Rebecca Kuehn