In this episode we sit down “virtually” with Qiaoqiao Dai, Product Development Scientist at the Coca-Cola Company. Qiaoqiao was the 2015 recipient of the PMCA/Pennsylvania State University Fellowship. Her research was on “The Effects of Alkalization and Roasting on the Free and Bound Phenolic Compounds in Cocoa Nibs and Shells”.

Qiaoqiao has a B.S. in in Food Science from University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, and a MS in Food Science from the Pennsylvania State University, where she was a PMCA fellow at the time focusing on the research of the effects of alkalization and roasting on the free and bounds phenolic compounds in cocoa nibs and shells. This research was featured at PMCA’s 2018 production conference. She was also a member of the PMCA Program Committee and the Connect the Future Committee from 2017-2020.

Prior to her role at Coca-Cola Company she was a Product Development Scientist in Flavor Applications at Callisons, Inc., where she worked on the development of confectioneries, such as chocolate, hard candies, gummies, mints, caramels and chewing gums.

PMCA Research Chat
PMCA Research Chat
Episode 9: Chatting with the 2015 PMCA/Pennsylvania State University Fellowship Recipient