Thank you for sharing your time and expertise as a speaker for the 2016 PMCA Production Conference. Our Program Committee would like to learn more about your experience preparing for the conference, so we have developed a brief survey which should only take a few minutes of your time. Your candid responses are greatly appreciated as the committee is always working to improve the speaker experience in order to continue to attract high quality speakers such as yourself.
Why did you decide to present at the PMCA Production Conference? (mark all that apply)

A. I or my company felt this is an important venue for reaching and educating industry personnel so we submitted an outline or abstract to PMCA

B. I was contacted by PMCA to present on a particular topic

C. I was interested in having my paper published in the PMCA conference proceedings

D. I was interested in having my paper published in Manufacturing Confectioner Magazine

E. Other (please explain below)


How did you feel about the committee’s peer review process which provides feedback for your consideration throughout the presentation preparation process?

A. It was very helpful to ensure my presentation “speaks” to this particular audience

B. It was somewhat helpful

C. A peer review is not necessary; it was more of a burden for the speaker

Comments on the review process - positive or negative encouraged:

Knowing that PMCA strives to publish the official program booklet in January, and that there is a formal committee review process to ensure high-quality presentations, how do you feel about the requested timeline for submission of materials? (Please see below answers a review of the timeline)

A. It is reasonable considering the process requirements

B. I would prefer to propose my own timeline based on my current workload, travel and personal schedule

C. It is unreasonable (please provide comments below)

• Abstract or Outline – due August 31
• 1st draft paper – due October 31
• Final paper – January 31
• First draft slides – February 28
• Final Slides – varies by circumstance
Comments on the timeline – positive or negative encouraged:

Did you find the speaker guidelines document helpful in preparing for the event?

A. Yes, very helpful

B. Somewhat helpful

C. Not helpful (please include reasons in comments below)


How helpful was your liaison?

A. Extremely helpful

B. Somewhat helpful

C. Not helpful

D. Not necessary

Thank you for your participation.