First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to be a Mentor for the 2016 Student Outreach Program. As a Mentor we value your opinion and would appreciate getting your feedback.
From a Mentor standpoint how do you feel the 2016 Student Outreach Program went.




Needs Improvement

Which Student Events did you attend as a Mentor?

Monday Welcome Breakfast

Tuesday Q&A Luncheon

Wednesday Farewell Gathering

How often were you able to get in contact with your student(s) during the conference?

As often as possible

During Student Events only

Checked in at least once a day

At least once


If you chose

Do you plan on participating as a Mentor for the 2017 program?




Please share with us your thoughts on the students that participated in the 2016 program.

If you have any additional comments please share those with us.