2023 Supplier Show Floorplan

2023 Floorplan

Meet the Exhibitors

Booth 61
AAK is a world leader in supplying specialty fats to the chocolate and confectionery industries. With a true legacy of confection experience, our solutions for the confectionery industry cover a wide range of product applications, including chocolate and compound fats for coating and molding, filling fats, barrier fats and spreads. Our product range offers additional benefits that include improved mouthfeel and prolonged bloom stability for a longer shelf life. Most of our products can be offered as non-hydrogenated, zero trans and low in saturated fat.

Aasted North America
Booth 22
Aasted North America will exhibit chocolate and confectionery equipment.

*Barry Callebaut
Booth 41
Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, the heart and the engine of the industry. Barry Callebaut has a comprehensive solution focus for all customer needs while shaping chocolate experiences throughout the world. Our range includes chocolates, compounds, cocoa powders, better for you solutions, premium solutions, including portfolios of decorations, specialty inclusions and nuts. Barry Callebaut is the leader in the industry for collaborating with food companies in regards to new product development and innovation sessions. Our customer journey includes technical training to new product development support and partnerships and sessions for professionals working in the food industry at our Chocolate Academies, BC Studios, customer facilities and even virtually. Barry Callebaut prides itself on partnering with our customers in order to provide them the best innovative chocolate solutions that their consumers will crave and enjoy for years to come.

Bartek Ingredients
Booth 99

*Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Booth 62
Bell will feature the latest trending flavors and technologies created for the confectionery and snack food industries.

Booth 60
BENEO’s added value ingredients are derived from non-GMO, natural sources and include prebiotic chicory root fiber, the functional carbohydrates Isomalt and Palatinose™, rice starch, rice protein and other plant-based protein. BENEO is the ideal partner to improve a product’s nutritional and technological profiles. In addition to sugar and fat reduction, benefits include fiber enrichment, improved digestive health, sustained energy, blood sugar and weight management, among others. Through a unique chain of expertise, BENEO supports industry partners during their entire product development process. At their booth, BENEO will sample no added sugar chocolate with chicory root fiber, chocolate with Palatinose™ for sustained energy and low glycemic benefits, and sugar-free kettle corn with isomalt.

Booth 80
Buhler can help you throughout your entire production process – be it cereal or nut bars, wafers, chocolate, spreads or other snacks.

Booth 74
Whether you want to make coated bars that snap, truffles with luxurious melt, or creamy spreads, we can help. Our portfolio of confectionery fats enables the versatile premium sensory experiences that the confectionery segment demands. We offer coating fats, filling fats, and spreading fats that deliver benefits like great mouthfeel, fast meltaway, smooth texture and more. Our key sustainability options include RSPO and traceability, and for healthier choices we can help reduce added sugars. What’s more, our team is ready to create specific solutions together with you to solve your toughest application challenges.

Capol LLC
Booth 45

Booth 75
As a global ingredient leader, Cargill offers an extensive portfolio of ingredient solutions to meet your formulation goals for indulgence, sugar reduction, label-friendly, non-GMO, organic and beyond – together with proven application expertise to successfully tailor solutions to your unique challenges and goals. Our ingredient portfolio includes sugar, stevia, erythritol, chicory root fiber, starch, lecithin, hydrocolloids and more.

Ciranda, Inc.

Booth 57

Ciranda is an employee-owned company supplying certified organic, non-GMO and fair trade ingredients to the confectionery industry with expertise in tapioca and rice syrups; agave syrup; honey; tapioca and potato starches; cocoa and chocolates; coconut products; liquid and powdered lecithins; and vegetable oils.  

Clasen Quality Chocolate
Booth 55
CQC will be showcasing our compound coatings and chocolate for manufacturers with reliable deliveries in a time of unreliable market supply.

Booth 59
Colorcon is a manufacturer and supplier of quality products to the confectionery market segment.

Coperion K-Tron
Booth 37
Coperion and Coperion K-Tron a world leader in feeding and extrusion technology, bulk material handling systems, components, and services. Coperion offers a variety of food systems and equipment designs including batch unloading and high accuracy weighing applications, continuous operations including feeding and conveying, food technology expertise in extrusion processes, as well as designing automated systems for ingredient receipt all the way through to delivery. The systems and equipment provided by Coperion ensure optimal product and process safety, including compliance with EHEDG, FDA, FSMA and/or GFSI initiatives, standards, and regulations.

Driam USA, Inc.
Booth 44
As one of the founders of modern coating technology, DRIAM has become the world leader since several decades. Today we are developing dedicated coaters for various needs such as large coaters, coaters for multi-layer products or for special applications. Our main focus is to offer most efficient, versatile and state-of-the-art equipment as turn key projects to the benefit of our various worldwide customers. The main area of application of DRIAM coating technology in the food industry is in the confectionery production and chocolate panning sector, where of all types of sugar and chocolate manufacturers are among the users of our technology. The energy savings with DRIAM coaters are particularly noteworthy. Here, our systems are particularly economical thanks to DRIAM’s patented airflow system. Especially in the area of sugar, sugar-free and polishing, great advantages are offered by very short processing times and high-quality consistence.

Egan Food Technologies
Booth 46
Egan Food Technologies supplies customized food process machinery for the confectionery, baking, snack and pet food industries. We also rebuild, service and supply parts and auxiliary equipment for chocolate molding, depositing, extruding, slab forming and baking equipment – even if we didn’t originally build the equipment. All Egan Food Technologies equipment is made at our Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters, conveniently located for both design and service. With Egan, there’s no need to hassle with overseas manufacturers’ long lead time and service.

Booth 51
Eriez designs and manufacturers magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment for a variety of industries, including the food and confectionery industries. Our magnetic separation equipment protects food product from ferrous metal contamination, while our metal detection equipment protects from nonferrous contamination. And our vibratory feeding and conveying equipment efficiently transport product from process to process.

Eurofins Microbiology Lab
Booth 27
Eurofins will be showcasing their state of the art testing capabilities as well as providing all show goers with support and assistance with any testing needs.

Galloway Company
Booth 95
Manufacturers of sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and other blended fluid dairy products.

Gold Coast Ingredients
Booth 81
Gold Coast Ingredients is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer located in California and Pennsylvania. With us you will find Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions. Our flavors are compatible with any product requirements.

Golden Peanut Company LLC
Booth 34
Golden Peanut will be exhibiting a variety of roasted, defatted peanut flour, roasted peanut oil and peanut extract.

Goodhart Sons, Inc.
Booth 36
We will have representatives from the fabrication aspects of tanks, mixers, melters, coolers, pressure vessels, etc. In addition, our team will also be able to assist with most “balance of plant” work as well as installation.

Goodway Technologies
Booth 50
Goodway Technologies industrial maintenance solutions are available worldwide for commercial VAC, facility management, manufacturing, food production, power generation, maritime, and other industrial markets. Contractors, engineers, and maintenance professionals worldwide use our innovative, technology-driven solutions to perform routine maintenance duties faster, easier, safer, and more efficiently.

*Grain Processing Corporation (GPC)
Booth 54

Graybill Machines, Inc.
Booth 47
Graybill Machines’ will have on display brochures and video.

Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken USA
Booth 64

*IFC Solutions
Booth 66
Is an ingredient supplier for the confectionery industry specializing in food colors, release agents, polishes, and lecithins. We also offer contract blending services out of our SQF, Kosher, Halal, RSPO, Organic certified facility. We can blend powders, liquids and pastes with low minimums and fast turnaround times.

Booth 20
IFF will be highlighting better-for-you and label-friendly confectionery products featuring functional ingredients, real fruit and great taste to meet consumers’ demand for guiltless indulgence.

J. Horrocks Design
Booth 6
JH Design sources, supplies, and designs food ingredients and products for bulk, foodservice, and retail markets. Custom blends, sunflower seed butter, and bulk ingredients.

Jenike & Johanson
Booth 98
Jenike & Johanson are engineering consultants for powder and bulk solids storage, handling, conveying and processing.

Booth 43
Specialty baking drops and chocolate nonpareils will be showcased.

Booth 86

Master Martini USA
Booth 84
Master Martini will showcase their chocolate chips, chunks and couverture. Also compound chocolate for both dipping, baking and coating will be on display along with fillings and flavorings.

Matsutani America Inc.
Booth 35
Fibersol® is a premier line of soluble prebiotic fibers offering developers a wide range of solutions to give consumers tasty, fiber-full, well tolerated foods and beverages with satiety benefits. Fibersol is backed by over 30 years of clinical research and almost 100 published studies that demonstrate its physiological benefits.

*MC/Manufacturing Confectioner
Booth 40
The Manufacturing Confectioner magazine is the global source for chocolate, confectionery and sweet baked goods information, including businesses, technology and marketing news. MC also publishes the Worldwide Directory of Ingredients, Equipment and Packaging. MC also offers technical chocolate and confectionery books.

*Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.
Booth 58
MFG Tray will be exhibiting reinforced plastic starch trays and various in process holding trays.

NETZSCH Premier Technologies
Booth 67
NETZSCH will exhibit processing technologies for manufacturing confectionery products such as chocolate and fillings.

Olam Americas, Inc. (ofi)
Booth 26
Olam Food Ingredients, now known as ofi, strives to ‘Be the change for good food and a healthy future’ We help our customers unleash the sensory and functional attributes of cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts and spices so they can create naturally good food and beverage products that meet consumer expectations. With a deep-rooted presence in the countries where our ingredients are grown, we are closer to farmers, enabling better quality, and more reliable, traceable and transparent supply. We believe in raw potential – of nature, ingredients, people, technology, ideas.

PKT America Inc.
Booth 82

Precision Roll Grinders Inc.
Booth 70
Precision Roll Grinders display will include before and after photos of refurbished refiners and lab equipment. Brochures and handouts will be available along with our refiner experts.

*Prova Inc.
Booth 97
PROVA, your natural choice for sweet brown extracts and flavors since 1946. PROVA is a market leader in extracting vanilla, cocoa, coffee, caramel and more. Our outstanding products include natural and organic extracts, natural and artificial flavors, available in liquid and powder forms. We specialize in highly concentrated and functional extracts, that enable increased flavor impact and shelf life. The applications for our flavors and extracts span across beverages and bakery, confectionery and desserts, nutritional bars, and nutraceuticals and more. Our highly skilled flavor experts welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project. Create with us today and taste the PROVA difference.

Booth 46
PTL manufacture chocolate machinery and granola/snack/protein barlines with a focus on reducing cleaning and changeover times. Managing compliance with allergen regulations and optimizing line efficiency. We will have information on our chocolate range which includes melting, tempering, depositing, moulding, enrobing and cooling, as well as information on our bar range which includes forming, slab-cooling, cutting, enrobing and chocolate-cooling. PTL can supply full production lines as well as individual pieces of machinery, to reduce bottlenecks and improve line efficiency. PTL was founded with a clear objective: to create high-quality machinery focused simplifying operations and improve efficiency. Stop by our booth to meet the team and discuss any questions or applications you may have, as we believe the best results come from collaborative design.

*Readco Kurimoto, LLC
Booth 56
Readco Kurimoto, LLC will be exhibiting their versatile and robust Continuous Processor. The Continuous Processor is a twin shaft, co-rotating processor, designed to mix one or more dry materials with one or more liquid materials on a continuous basis. This continuous process produces a homogeneous product that increases product quality and consistency, reduces cycle time, and eliminates unnecessary or anachronous equipment. Readco Kurmoto, LLC is a full service continuous solutions provider.

Scala-Wisell International, Inc.
Booth 96
SWI Int’l will be exhibiting its coconut products, glazed Orange Strips and white and rainbow nonpareils.

Shick Esteve
Booth 77
As the only global provider focused solely on the food industry, Shick Esteve will be showcasing the latest in ingredient automation solutions and process design. Our expertise includes process design and automation of bulk, minor/micro and liquid ingredients. Project services include engineering, project management, testing, site services and after sales support.

Skjodt-Barrett Foods
Booth 85
Our custom foods division supplies the foodservice, bakery and industrial confectionery segments with fruit and confectionery fillings and toppings, icing and glazes, jams, nutraceutical bar layers as well as sauces and marinades in a wide range of packaging formats.

*Sollich North America
Booth 23
Sollich North America will have brochures from Sollich, Chocotech, Dumoulin and Theegarten-Pactec available. We will also be joined by two of Sollich’s technical experts.

*Tate & Lyle
Booth 90

TCF Sales
Booth 25
TCF Sales will offer confectionery equipment options for Chocolatiers and Candy Makers, including gummy production.

*TC Transcontinental Packaging
Booth 79
Transcontinental Multifilm will exhibit a wide range of flexible packaging products for confections, including twist wrap, flow wrap, foil wrap, bags, pouches, and much more.

Temuss Products
Booth 91

Tomric Systems Inc.
Booth 76
Tomric will be highlighting the Selmi Chocolate Machinery line of chocolate handling equipment. The Selmi line includes continuous automatic tempering, enrobing, cooling tunnels, panning and mould spinning equipment. Tomric provides innovative custom packaging solutions for the confectionery, baking and biscuit industries.

*TRICOR Systems, Inc.
Booth 65
TRICOR Systems, Inc. the world standard in chocolate temper measurement will be exhibiting the Model 530 and Model 225 Chocolate Temper Meters to help confectioners achieve perfect chocolate. Information on the Model 600 Imaging Spectrophotometer for the measurement of confections color and packaging will also be available.

*Varick Enterprises, Inc.
Booth 39
Varick will display a full line of brochures and videos presenting Nuova Euromec Srl. hard candy, chewy toffee and gum (solid or filled) confectionery/nutraceutical;/pharmaceutical processing and sorting equipment; and from Confitech Srl. batch and continuous metering, mixing, cooking systems and processing laminating and cooling systems information including its evolutionary VXP 300 Vacuum Expansion Line.

*Woody Associates, Inc.
Booth 21
Woody Associates will showcase custom designed and built chocolate/icing decorating machinery.

*WRH Industries, LTD
Booth 100
WRH will be exhibiting unbreakable plastic drying, stock, panning and carrier trays as well as our flexible molds. Introducing our new de-molding system for flexible molds.