General Questions

Candy Question MarkWhere can I find information about PMCA short courses in the USA as well as international offerings?
While PMCA is an international organization, it does not yet offer courses outside the United States. If you are interested in viewing current course offerings please visit Courses.

Where can I find information about PMCA committees and how to get involved?
PMCA has a robust committee program with many active, supportive volunteers. We openly welcome new committee members. For a list of committee options and related information please visit Committees.

Does PMCA support job postings?
PMCA is looking to implement some type of career center on the website in the future. In the meantime, we would be happy to post job and internship openings for member companies on the website and include them in the monthly member newsletter.

I would like to know how I can arrange a tour of a candy manufacturer near me.
While some manufacturers provide public tours, many do not. Please contact us to request information on the specific manufacturer and include the number of persons to be included in the tour and the purpose of the tour (i.e. recreation, education, etc.) as well as when you would like to take the tour. We will contact you with the information.

Annual Production Conference

My company is not currently a PMCA member but would like to know if we can still exhibit at the annual production conference.
Non-member companies are welcome to attend the conference; however, only member companies may exhibit. All exhibitor information can be found by following the Production Conference link in the above navigation bar. You may also want to take advantage of submitting a profile of your company for use by the trade press. This will maximize your benefits as an exhibitor.

I am currently a student and hope to work in the confectionery industry after graduation. How beneficial will attending the annual production conference be for me?
Our annual conference will likely be of great benefit to you. The event attracts more than 700 attendees from around the world. Attendees represent manufacturers, suppliers, educators, other students, government personnel and members of the confectionery industry press. The technical sessions provide research information worthy of publication in the top industry periodicals. In short, you will be able to meet industry personnel, get a feel for the broad range of opportunities available in the industry and increase your technical knowledge. If you haven’t already, check out some feedback from the past year’s student program.

Information and Resources

Candy Information icon gray bckgdI am currently involved in post-graduate research and wondered if you provide research assistance on topics related to the confectionery industry.
PMCA maintains an extensive, searchable proceedings library containing more than 1,000 technical papers on a variety of subjects. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you may email a specific request using the  address on our contact page. Additionally, you may wish to visit other industry links, which can be found at the bottom of our home page.

I am looking for books on the history of chocolate. Does PMCA have anything in its library that may help?
We have several volumes in our library covering a wide range of general research topics (as well as technical information). Please email a specific request using the link on our contact page. Please note that only members may loan materials from the physical library housed at the PMCA office.

I own a candy shop and I am buying chocolates from overseas. We’d like to make our own chocolates in-house. I am looking for someone to guide me through the process from what equipment I need, where to get it, how to set the operation up – basically what it takes and what it will cost. Can you put me in touch with consultants who can help me with this?
PMCA does not currently have a comprehensive list; however, we plan to include a list of industry consultants, listed by area of expertise, as part of the Resources page on this website in the future. In the meantime, feel free to contact PMCA’s administrative office with your request (email and phone number can be found on our contact page) and we will do our best to provide contact information from our member directory.

I’m looking for the originator of a particular candy that I haven’t seen on the market in my region for a while. Can you help me?
PMCA will gladly do what it can to assist its members. Please contact the PMCA office with your specific request (email and phone number can be found on our contact page) and we will do our best to utilize our network of members to provide you with the information.