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2018-2019 Grant Recipient

Alan McClure

PMCA has announced Alan McClure, University of Missouri as the 2018-2019 Grant Recipient. Alan’s research is entitled; Bitterness Minimization through Roasting Optimization of Cacao. Alan and his advisor Dr. Ingolf Gruen, University of Missouri recently visited with two Pennsylvania manufacturing companies to get a closer look at the manufacture of chocolate

GIAUpdate from PMCA on Vimeo.

2017-2018 Grant Recipient

Ryan West

Ryan West, Ryerson University was the recipient of the 2017-2018 Research Grant. Ryan’s research was entitled; Processing interactions of palm-based confectionery systems. With the assistance of his advisor Derick Rousseau, Ryerson University he successfully completed his research in the summer of 2018. His completed research will be available in the fall of 2018.

He provided an update on his research during the 2018 PMCA Annual Production Conference which you will see provided in the video below.

PMCA Research Committee Update 2018 from PMCA on Vimeo.