SOP 10 Year Celebration

//SOP 10 Year Celebration
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The Student Outreach Program celebrates 10 years of success in 2017 by honoring those who helped build and participate in the program as well as those companies and universities who hosted tours, students and much more.

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Student Outreach Program 10 Year Fun Facts

Students have joined us from 36 different universities, 7 of which are outside the USA.

A total of 233 students have participated in the program since 2007 of which 76 students are now working within the confectionery industry. PMCA member companies have employed roughly 46 of those students.

Our mentor program began in 2009 and since its inception we have had 54 industry professionals volunteer their time as mentors in the past ten years representing 30 different member companies. Of those 54 industry professionals four of them have been volunteering their time as mentors since the very beginning.

Students have joined us from 36 different universities, seven of which are outside the USA. Both The Pennsylvania State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have each been sending students to the program since it began in 2007.